Our Pentecost Novena; Day 4




Northway Christian Church – Dallas, Texas
Day 4 – Monday, May 18, 2015
The Proof of the Holy Spirit’s Presence is Patience


Scripture – Romans 2:7

To those who by patiently doing good seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life…



In some ways patience is the greatest virtue of all.  It is not clad with romance and glamor; it has not the excitement of sudden adventurous action; but it is the very virtue of God Himself.  God in His patience bears with the sins, the refusals and the rebellions of people.  God in His patience refuses to abandon hope of the world which He created and which often turns its back on Him. (William Barclay)

An old legend says that one day Abraham was standing by his tent door when he saw an old man coming along the way, weary with his journey, and with bleeding feet.  With true hospitality Abraham invited the old man in to share his meal and lodging for the night.   Abraham noticed that the man asked no blessing on the meal, and when he asked about it, the old man explained that he did not pray to the God of heaven because he was a fire worshipper and did not acknowledge any other gods.  This enraged Abraham who threw the old man out of his tent and sent him on his way again.  Then God called Abraham, “Where is the old man who came to you?”   And Abraham answered, “I threw him out because he did not worship You.”   Then God said, “I have suffered him all these years even though he dishonored me, and you could not endure him for a single night?”



Holy Spirit, sent by the Father, ignite in us your holy fire;
strengthen your children with the gift of faith,
revive your Church with the breath of love,
and renew the face of the earth,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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